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Metabolismus ‎- Sprießwärtsdrall

Bleak Bliss - 7 hours 14 min ago

This is an LP released on Amish Records in 1998. Metabolismus often get tagged as krautrock. I think that the K word is used so often because they are a German collective producing unique music.

Admittedly there are parts of this LP that point towards the motorik groove of early Neu! and Ash Ra and Faust and early Amon Düül but there is never the sense of them referencing previous works. There is even the sense of the collective mind at work from the very earliest Düül recordings. There are eleven people credited on this release including Samara Lubelski (a member of Chelsea Light Moving, The Tower Recordings and so much more), Moritz Finkbeiner, Thilo Kuhn, Thomas Schätzl and Werner Nötzel (who are also in Sinergia Elettronica alongside David Vanzan and Virginia Genta of the various Jooklo projects).

Yeah, I'm referencing what I hear but Metabolismus are entirely their own very special creation. I really love them. I don't have that much of their work and that makes me feel that there is another dark void in my life. There are so many self-released tapes throughout the 1990's that I will never get to hear. Ah well! In the meantime, Freak'n'roll on this.

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Metabolismus - Terra Incognita

Bleak Bliss - 8 hours 5 min ago

This is an LP released on Blackjack Records in 1998. This is a much more spaced out (in all senses) and considered album with more emphasis on electronics particularly during it's early phases. It's charming and quite hypnotic.

Terra Incognita
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Metabolismus ‎- Azzafatazzam

Bleak Bliss - 8 hours 19 min ago

An utterly inspired LP released on Swamp Room Records in 1992. If you need a really clumsy hook to drag you's the band that The Velvet Underground wish they had been in recorded by Gnod's parents during a seance exorcising the ghost of Shockabilly. Well, it's not really it's Metabolismus but what the hell, it got your attention....

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Noumena & Sodium - Live Collaborations as Performed by Noumena & Sodium

Bleak Bliss - Wed, 04/16/2014 - 06:32
Early album of midwest tour recordings by Mike Shiflet & Aaron Hibbs (Noumena) with Amelia Emelin & Jakob Lexso (Sodium), released on CDR in a numbered edition of 40 copies on Shiflet's Gameboy label.

Noumena & Sodium - Live Collaborations as Performed by Noumena & Sodium
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Tagomago - Dead Souls

Bleak Bliss - Mon, 04/14/2014 - 06:10
Tsuyoshi Nakamaru's second album as Tagomago, released on Pearl Records in 1995.

Tagomago - Dead Souls
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74 Hours ... and counting?

Bleak Bliss - Fri, 04/11/2014 - 07:50

In November last year, we had the crazy idea of trying to bring together as many of the "One Hour As..." broadcasts from Ben Green's revered Resonance 104.4 FM. To be honest, we thought that we might be able to gather a few together. However, we were astonished by the response from you people who sent us things that we never thought that we would be able to unearth. Thanks as always!

Here are another 13 pieces for your delectation. These will be added to the main post here and just in case you missed the link in the comments, J.Frede uploaded his "One Hour As A Barren Landscape" (originally broadcast on Friday, 6 June 2003) to his Soundcloud page so you can listen to that one as well!

We have unearthed a lot more information on what was broadcast as part of the series and will update our want list. If you are sitting on any of our "missing in action" sessions or have any that we still know nothing about, please let us know!

Afflux [La Casa, Guionnet, Cordier] - One Hour As Bordeaux, TNT

Charlotte Anderson - One Hour As From Glasgow To Arisaig By Train

Jason Kahn - One Hour As Snow

Johannes S. Sistermanns - One Hour As ETC Random XIX Mikado

Kiyoshi Mizutani - 58 Minutes As Voice Of Jike

Marcus Kuerten - One Hour As A Piece For Green

Mark Trayle - One Hour As 13 Views Of Santa Ana

Mike Shannon, Jeph Jerman, Luca Miti - 90 Minutes As Spring-Summer 2002

Tabula Viae - One Hour As Sertion

The Anti-Naturals - One Hour As Six More Arguments In Our Favor

The Pierre Boulez Project - 72 Minutes As Boulez Is Burning

Tom Marioni - One Hour As 1969 - 2004

Tzesne - One Hour As One Side And Other Of The Door
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His Name Is Alive - Livonia

Bleak Bliss - Thu, 04/10/2014 - 09:10

This stunning LP was released in 1990 on the mighty 4AD. I bought this on the day that it was released, simply because it was on that label. 4AD not only had a really coherent aesthetic but they were the home of the likes of Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, The Birthday Party, Throwing Muses, Pixies, Cocteau Twins, The Wolfgang Press and Lush. It seemed like everything was solid gold and a new 4AD release was a major event. Naturally, I could not wait to get home to play this...

I had never heard His Name Is Alive prior to this so didn't really know what to expect. Not a major surprise given that this was their debut. It quite simply wrecked my head! It left me exhilarated, transfixed and terrified. The music is the work of Warren Defever (Guitar, Bass and Sampler) with the occasional percussion of Damian Lang (who was later in the great The Detroit Cobras). The vocals of Angie Carozzo and Karin Oliver are utterly sublime and majestic. However beautiful this LP is, it has a really dark heart. Just underneath the surface there is an almost tangible malevolence.

When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my parents would go out on the piss at the weekend and leave me in charge of my brother and sister. I'd spend that time watching old Count Yorga horror flicks and such like. I remember one Saturday night when I was at my most scared, I heard a noise in the garden but couldn't bring myself to pull back the curtain because I knew that what was out there was worse than I could possibly imagine. The first time I heard this LP it threw me straight back into that headspace. The only other LP that had ever affected me in that way was Psychic TV's "Dreams Less Sweet" (nothing has affected like this since). There are parts of Livonia that are the opposite side of the coin to "Always Is Always".

Whilst this was released in Europe in 1990, it didn't get an American release until 1992. I don't think that this has ever been re-released since then and I can only assume that this is because of some kind of "contractual difficulties". Criminal really...

This remains one of my very favourite things!

If that isn't recommendation enough, try this: back in the day I knew people that had their own record stores and we used to pull down the shutters and have many all night debauched sessions. On one such occasion, I pulled this off the shelf and played it out. An old hippie completely freaked out and started fighting people. Now there's a recommendation!

I'm following in your evil ways...
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His Name Is Alive - Cloud Box

Bleak Bliss - Thu, 04/10/2014 - 08:18

You would almost think that we had a plan on here...

This is a ten CDr box set released in an edition of only 50 copies. The discs are housed within a wooden box, handmade, hand-painted, numbered, and signed by Warn Defever and Davin Brainard. This beautiful thing was only available on the band's label site (time STEREO), and unsurprisingly it sold out the same day that it was released (the 10th of November 2004).

This is a truly magnificent thing! Given that there is so much to describe, I'll leave it to the liner notes:

Disc 1 was "recorded during a non-stop marathon weekend session celebrating Elliot's 21st birthday + field recordings from Bhaktapur, Nepal on new years 1999-2000 + recordings made in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Jake's high school orchestra. Previously available at shows, BROWN RICE has now been re-edited and remastered."

Disc 2: Warn, Elliot and Hitoko "recorded several hours of Americanized His Name Is Alive music on a full set of instruments of the Indonesian gamelan orchestra kept at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Bonang, saron, gong, slentem and suling played by Warn, Hitoko and Elliot."

Disc 3 was "recorded circa 1994-95 back when HNIA was starting a lot of projects and not finishing all of then (the Mexican 1/2 speed ambient masters was another). It began as a covers album but since I didn't actually learn the songs, Karin had to sing them acappella, but an acappella covers album didn't seem like such a hot idea so the project got shelved. Later I added "music" and now here it is ten years later, a long lost old school His Name Is Alive album."

Disc 4 features improvised music using pinecones as musical instruments.

Disc 5 features string quartet arrangements of songs from His Name Is Alive's debut album, "Livonia".

Disc 6: "Recorded for an installation in an art gallery in Detroit after a particularly harsh winter, this long piece was designed not for the traditional left and right stereo speaker orientation but top and bottom separation. The installation was in a stairwell with one large PA speaker placed at the top of the stairs on the third floor and the other in the basement. The music tries to recreate the experience of being in a house for several months and then as the ice and snow gradually melt, the windows are eventually opened, the sounds of birds are heard once again, and finally there's a party at the lake!!!!"

Disc 7 was "originally performed Sunday, February 17, 2002 at an all night slumber party at an art gallery in Detroit at 9AM. The music was intended to gradually awaken the guests who had been "partying" late into the evening. Hitoko slowly brings out the organ drawbars, increasing the volume and quietly shifting the harmonic structure of the drone while Warn occasionally adds bells, gongs and percussion. The performance was unfortunately not recorded properly, so a few days later at Brown Rice, the piece was performed again live in the studio."

Disc 8 was "recorded inside Everglades National Park, Jan. 2003".

Disc 9: "His Name Is Alive played a special concert in Detroit on July 10, 2004. Lovetta sings, Warn plays guitar and piano, Elliot plays piano and saxophone, Jamie plays upright bass, and Nicole plays congas, a CD of birds plays quietly through one amplifier, and many bells were handed out to the audience members."

Disc 10: "On Tuesday June 15, 2004, I was trying to work in the studio (located in downtown Detroit on Woodward Ave), but I was interrupted in the evening by loud sounds from the street below. The Detroit Pistons had just won Game 5 of the NBA championship finals, beating the LA Lakers 100 to 87, and the people of the city had decided to celebrate with an unoffical late night drunken parade. The steady stream of car honking, screaming, and gun shots were too loud for me to work so I decided that maybe this would escalate into a cool riot and that maybe I should tape it. I set up some microphones out the window and waited for hours thinking it would soon pass. Eventually I decided to join in. I tried to accompany the orchestra of blaring car horns and the roaring choir of excited sports fans, on the piano. After several hours of not-quite-riot behavior, the police closed off the street, but the party continued in the distance...."

01 Brown Rice

02 USA Vs. Gamelan

03 Dreem Up

04 The Pinecone

05 Mystery Spot

06 Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

07 Wake Up Jin

08 Everglades National Park

09 Free Concert

10 Detrola
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Little Princess - Catch the Sputnik

Bleak Bliss - Thu, 04/10/2014 - 00:01
Solo noise by Davin Brainard, of Princess Dragon-Mom. This album was first issued as a single-sided tape on Go Sonic in 1997, reissued on CDR by Time Stereo three years later. 
Little Princess - Catch the Sputnik
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Princess Dragon-Mom - Fear of Evil

Bleak Bliss - Thu, 04/10/2014 - 00:00
More PDM madness, this one a Tim Stereo CDR from 1999.  
Princess Dragon-Mom - Fear of Evil
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Princess Dragonmom - Patches

Bleak Bliss - Thu, 04/10/2014 - 00:00
Long before Gods of Tundra stalked the streets of Detroit and the Michigan suburbs were infested with Wolf Eyes, Motor City's premier noise weirdos were a disconcertingly innocent-seeming band called Princess Dragon-Mom. Led by Davin Brainard and Warren Defever (aka His Name Is Alive), the prolific PDM produced harsh noise tapes adorned with Brainard's primary-school colorful paintings, often with images of cute animals and trees. "Patches" is a CDR issued on the band's own Time Stereo label in 2001. 
Princess Dragonmom - Patches
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Brinkman's Dead Brain ‎"Mind Fuse Blown"

The Static Fanatic - Wed, 04/09/2014 - 20:00

CS, American Tapes, 2003

AKA Matt Brinkman.

Download 19MB

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Tongue Knax - Sacrosanct Pearl Skin

Bleak Bliss - Wed, 04/09/2014 - 00:00

Third missive from whatever grim planet Lust Vessel issues these cassettes from. This tape is the most "normal" of the first batch, sounding like solid (if unremarkable) Japanese noise. Still, if that's the itch you've got, Tongue Knax will scratch it.

Tongue Knax - Sacrosanct Pearl Skin
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Government Alpha - Dizziness/Lull

Bleak Bliss - Tue, 04/08/2014 - 00:00
Paisley synth/noise swirls by Government Alpha, issued as a tape on German artist [licht-ung]'s Punk Kein Rock label in 2007.

Government Alpha - Dizziness/Lull
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Mo*Te - Cuffs

Bleak Bliss - Mon, 04/07/2014 - 05:48
Blown-out fuzz by Fumiyuki Nagura/Mo*Te, issued as a cassette in an edition of 53 numbered copies by Labyrinth Recordings in 1998. The cover is burnt around the edges, the cassette tied to it with what seems to be copper wire.

Mo*Te - Cuffs
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Chefkirk & XVP"Has Been Doing"

The Static Fanatic - Sat, 04/05/2014 - 20:00

File, Control Valve, 2014

No-input vs metal objects.

Download 41MB

web Chefkirk
web XVP
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