The Calm And The Storm
The Calm And The Storm
3" CD-R
 ( 2008 )
The Calm And The Storm Cover
Out Now

This is my 3" CD-R from Jeshimoth Entertainment. Limited to 50 copies.

The entire CD-R is one 22-minute track, in the "loud/quiet" style. Most of it is electronics, but you can also hear the "hot plate" (contact-microphone attached to metal plate) make an appearance near the middle.

From Jeshimoth's web site:

An epic release from power electronics master Karlheinz. One massive track encompassing everything from brutal harsh noise to uneasy sine-wave droning, all pulled off with a keen sense of atmosphere and dynamics. Crushing and crucial.


Heathen Harvest review of The Calm And The Storm

Being born in my youth's stomping grounds, Indiana, Karlheinz knows all too well the deranged things that can be brought to mind from being born in the middle of nowhere and subjected to closed minds on a daily basis. 

Blood Ties review of The Calm And The Storm

Here is a solid little release from the less prolific Karlheinz named quite appropriately because The Calm and the Storm features one long self titled track that alternates between near-silence and blasts of harsh noise. Although the concept strikes me as being reflected with little subtlety in the composition it works as an exploration into the contrasting sounds and moods.

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