I saw the most amazing band last night at O'Brien's

Well, technically it was outside O'Brien's. The band was called Friends Forever, and consisted of a bass player, a drummer, and a keyboardist, all of whom were really skinny and dirty with moustaches. They actually played in their tour van outside the club. The drummer was inside the van and visible from the side door, and had a smoke machine and laser show set up on the wall inside the van. The bassist was playing in the front seat, wearing a pink furry suit with Nerf spikes on it. And the keyboardist/singer was standing in front of the van; at a couple points during the show, he put on a helmet that shot flares, and a belt made out of fireworks. They had a huge blue canvas baloon that they filled up with a box fan. The bass player eventually jumped out of the front seat and started stumbling into the twenty or thirty people who had gone outside the club to see them; at one point, he started chasing after passing cars, still playing his bass and in his furry suit.

All of this happened on the curb outside the club, on a Sunday night in a busy stretch of Allston. Apparently Chris (the manager) had to call in a "cop favor" to avoid getting the whole place shut down.

They're playing in Providence tonight, and a bunch of us are going down to watch the mayhem. I'll keep y'all posted.