Karlheinz Bio

Karlheinz is a one-man powerhouse noise machine. The noise persona of Karl Giesing, the name Karlheinz was adopted as an homage to composer Karlheinz Stockhausen - although Karlheinz has grown into a different beast altogether. A Karlheinz performance is distinguished by its sheer volume and ferocious energy.

Karl studied Music Composition at Indiana's Ball State University from 1989-1992, before moving to Boston in May of 1992. Both in Indiana and Boston, he was the guitarist in a variety of underground rock bands. But in 1996, Karl started recording his tape-loop compositions and noise assemblages, and found his true calling as an experimental composer and noise artist.

Karlheinz is usually a solo performer. However, he has been in a number of noise/percussion duos: Lord and Karlheinz (1998-2000, with Max Lord), Karlsruhe (2004, with John Ruhe of Ho-Ag and The Gersch), and Caverns (2005, with Lex Marburger). He has also collaborated in performances with Fire In The Head, Donna Parker, and Bereft.

As a solo noise artist, he has performed at art galleries such as the Berwick Research Institute and the Zeitgeist Gallery, as well as the Massachusetts College of Art and avant-garde playhouse the Market Theater. However, he's equally at home at rock venues such as the Middle East, O'Brien's, Jacque's Cabaret, or the Midway (where the manager proclaimed him "the Cadillac of noise"). He was featured as the artist of the month in a show called "Alternative Art: Noise Music," part of the "Brookline Look" program on BATV (Brookline public access). In addition, he's performed spoken word at a variety of venues.

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