Karlheinz goes down, in every way except the one you're thinking of

Hello, all. Long time no see. But I have a couple of things I need to get off my chest.

First of all, you may have noticed that khznoise.NET has gone down. The khznoise.COM domain is still working just fine.

...No? You didn't notice that at all? Never even heard of the .net domain before? That's what I thought. It's also why the .net domain is staying down: I don't feel like paying for a domain name that nobody knows exists.

Second of all, I suppose I should talk about the Great Karlheinz Face Plant of 2012.

As you may know, two weeks ago I performed with Cut Hands, Veiled, Sean Greenlee, and Sharpwaist. I performed early, packed up early, and had ample time to enjoy the show and have a few drinks. Which I did, and did. After the show, I remember hanging out at the merch table, and afterwards my friend Nate agreed to drive me and my gear the two blocks it takes to get to my house from the venue.

The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning, half a tooth missing, blood all over my clothing, with my right eye swollen shut, my glasses shattered, my gear not in the apartment, and my cell phone gone. After a few freaked-out emails to Nate, Egan, and a few friends, I spent Sunday in and out of consciousness. Looking back on it, I likely had some sort of concussion, though at the time I assumed it was a hangover.

Apparently, between loading out and getting home, I did a full faceplant on the sidewalk. Nate had my gear and merch, but not my cell phone. I tried calling the phone without luck; called the owners of the venue; even retraced the route between the venue and my house. No luck.

I also missed school (and tutoring) on Monday, which is probably for the best. Besides being in no shape to teach or learn, I think the other students would have run screaming from my Quasimodo-like visage.

Here's a photo of me that Nate took right after the accident:

Faceplant. Not pictured: half a front tooth.Faceplant. Not pictured: half a front tooth.

In the end, most of the damage was able to be repaired. My swolen eye is now receeded (though it still looks like I'm wearing eyeliner on that eye), Nate brought back my gear, and I ended up buying a new cell phone (with the same phone number as before).

I still need to find a dentist, though.

In dorkier news: One of the informal challenges of my Java Data Structures course was to come up with a new sorting algorithm. And, I did. Unbeknownst to me, it is loosly based on the Gnome Sort, except that it works from both ends inwards. Thus, I have decided to call it the Double Baggins Sort.

If anyone is actually interested, shoot me a line. Somehow, I don't think many people will, which is why I'm not going into details here.