Dream Diary: I get murdered

Since I know you have to have something to read, I've decided to try out this "dream diary" idea I keep having.

On tour with Hitler

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been amazingly busy lately.

Bad day

It's dark and hot and sweaty. The room smells like mold and beer and the faint smell of urine. Musty. Pregnant with heat and rot.

Well, this is interesting

I used to work with this guy named Scott Hefflon at DeLuca's, and about six months after I meet him he decided to start up this local music rag named Lollipop.

So I guess we're at war or something

I work on Mass Ave near Harvard Square, so as you can imagine I get to see pretty much every big protest that happens in the city.

Help! I'm being attacked by a ten-year-old meme!

You know, I'm not really a political person. I don't like the government, but I'm not going to get all bent out of shape about it.

They're trying to close Jacques' Cabaret down

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Jacques' is a transvestite/drag queen bar, but on weekends it also has rock shows. I used to work there a couple of years ago as a doorman.

Science friction

I'm reading a couple of science-philosophy books now, and since I don't have another outlet to blab about them, you're going to have to suffer.

More rock 'n' roll

Last Saturday, there was a show at this little dive bar called the Chopping Block on the back side of Mission Hill, with Parker and Lill

Holy shit am I popular

Yeah, I ended up going to the Middle East last night.