Happy new rules

Well, happy new year to you, too. So, did you spend yours in a haze of drunkenness? 'Cause I certainly did.

Well, so far this day has been a fucking waste.

I'm sitting here at home typing this, but what I should be doing is playing at RRR up in Lowell. I'd practiced for a change, too. Fuck.

People should give me money

Now, I'd like to take some time out from the more serious (ha) things I write in this blog to talk to you about a subject which is near and dear to my heart.

Providence is for rockers

I went down to Providence to see Lightning Bolt, Black Dice, and Sonic Youth last night.

And on a lighter note...

I went out to TT's last night to see the Dresden Dolls, the Vanity Set, and

Bringing Out The Dead

Last Saturday, I went to see Crispy Ambulance at the Paradise front room.

Another post in my continuing series on How Not To Be A Man.

At the end of last month, Newsweek published some excerpts from Kurt Cobain's journa

So, Friends Forever were just absolutely fucking amazing. Again.

So, Friends Forever were just absolutely fucking amazing. Again. Even better than outside O'Brien's; much more energy, gymnastics, and fireworks.

I saw the most amazing band last night at O'Brien's

Well, technically it was outside O'Brien's.

I know, I know

The last couple of updates make me look like some Goth loser, sitting alone in the dark smoking clove cigarettes and practicing his hesitation marks.