Work is slavery

I played yet another show at O'Brien's on Sunday. My fifth show in as many weeks. I was expecting it to suck, but it was actually pretty fun. It was "Rock vs.

Well, I played that show at O'Brien's

Our set went much better than expected, despite the complete lack of practice.

I'm really getting to hate my job.

Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

I work at a print shop, and things at a place like this are typically feast or famine. Now happens to be in the "feast" period.


I played at Pan 9 last Saturday night, after working until 7:30am on Friday. I ended up accidentally knocking over the PA system, which didn't please the residents one bit.

Went out to O'Brien's last night

Went out to O'Brien's last night, instead of to the Cellar as is my usual wont. I probably owe people beer.

Pleasure Forever

Last night I saw a band called Pleasure Forever at the Middle East.

Drank at the Cellar with Debbie.

A couple other folks (Steve and "Punk Rock Mary") showed up later.

Bad friend

There's this guy who is a friend of Nick's, and I had to basically tell him he couldn't stay at our apartment.

It's been a week of Bad Seeds near-misses in Karlheinz-land.

I went to see the Nick Cave show at the Orpheum on Wednesday. I actually arrived late, so I missed about half of their pre-encore set.

I haven't updated in a while yet, so there's a few things to say.

First of all, you all should go to the "official" website, since I've updated it. Live shows are now posted there, and it has its own (Blogger-powered) news page.