2:30 AM.

Tonight was a good night. The plan was to go to Stinky's Peepshow.

Hangovers make movie reviews

(WARNING: Lame post. Don't read unless you like reading movie reviews.)

Live from a Copy Shop in SF

So here I sit in a copy shop near 16th and Valencia, paying $8/hour for internet access. Hey, it's cheaper than drinking.

Day Four of my trip to San Francisco.

Good lord, did I have a hangover. I woke up at noon today, as did Kris, to nausea, headaches, and the shakes.

Day Three of my trip to San Francisco.

Very interesting day. I spent the first half of the day reading Hannibal, a good book that I've heard was made into a terrible movie.

Day Two of my trip to San Francisco.

Sunday is traditionally God's day of rest.

Day One of my trip to San Francisco.

So far, everything is well. I left Boston at around 1:30, and after a stopover in Charlotte, NC, I arrived in San Fran Sissy Co at around 8:00 local time.

Welcome to the Karlheinz blog

Welcome to the Karlheinz blog.